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My Internet Marketing updates will start now….

I know it’s late since I wrote my first few posts, but as they say “It’s good to be late than never”. So, here I am with my opinion about the online marketing practices.

A lot of things have changed and so do the search engines. The search engine algorithm and search engine ranking.. everything got so many twists in it.

However this is just a summary, we will start fresh with latest updates very soon. Till than stay tuned. 🙂

Importance of Internet

Using Internet Marketing gives you access to a number of powerful marketing techniques and Ideas.

The Internet can improve the reach and cost effectiveness of your marketing and it can help you to get your products known and win new prospect customers at home and around the world.

The opportunities for marketing online have a plus point that it keeps the customers and press informed and it also generates interest and revenue through the online advertising.

The basic toolkit for Internet marketing includes: emails and newsgroups (i.e. the World Wide Web and the online discussion groups).

Can you ever think that a simple emailing can also be helpful in getting more business and revenue at lower cost than what you were using earlier. Once it is set-up than your marketing systems can be inexpensive to keep running over the Internet.

An Email offers an effective and flexible tool for the low-budget marketing and if you know where you can find them, than you can reach the customers anywhere with your marketing material, with no delay, no distribution costs and no print bills.

And your message can be sent to thousands of people and companies around the world at the cost of a local phone call, which is quite a reasonable deal to make.

And your email can be made as customer targeted. That means it will go direct to a named person’s desktop. Emailed newsletters and mailing lists can be developed to give regular updates of Useful Information and it also helps in building customer loyalty.

In addition to this, you can react to customer’s enquiries (sales) and provide product details in a very fast manner, by using manuals or automated systems/software’s. An email provides instant and simultaneous distribution of press releases to the media.

There are companies who do Internet Marketing; they can help you in promoting all available products and launching the new ones. In just few days, your product details, catalogue and price list can be available to the world, all day, every day and anytime they want.

A website, with a hot link for the email replies, can provide the best channel ever for a customer feedback. The customer will get frequent replies for his questions from the representatives.

You can add quality to your customer service by providing tips and also by answering to the Frequently Asked Questions or the FAQ s.

Use your existing database of customers and prospects to build awareness, educate, sell, and for service.

Every time you use email you are strengthening your relationship and for only about 5% of the cost it takes to run a traditional direct mail campaign!

Internet Marketing Experience

I am in this amazing world of Internet Marketing from October 2004.

Being a Marketing person I want to tell you that Internet Marketing is almost same as Marketing.

The basic difference between these two are the …..

Marketing is done in the real world and Internet marketing is done in a virtual world…

A Virtual world is an imaginary or a unseen world, but still in existence. A world where you can’t see your customers… and your customers can’t see you and they can’t touch and feel the products you are selling to them.

You can just have a fair idea about the likings of your customer (user) through a market research done on data’s available through search engines or sites where the web users go and search for different things.

Internet Marketing is an Ocean, you just need to come and explore it…..

And believe me….. It’s Amaz Continue reading “Internet Marketing Experience”

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